Auto Emergency Tool with Glass Hammer,Tire Gauge and  LED Light and Tools



Auto Emergency Tool with Glass Hammer,Tire Gauge and LED Light and Tools

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This multi-function, patented item is the one-stop life-saving tool for your car. Not only does it check your tire pressure to ensure proper function, comfort, fuel efficiency, and safety, it has built-in tools to avoid entrapment and assist with emergencies. The tool comes with a glass breaker and seat belt cutter to help escape your vehicle, as well as a bright LED flashlight and emergency light to ensure you will be noticed. The additional screwdrivers, scissors, and pliers will come in handy to help with roadside repairs.

Fatalities and injuries caused by vehicle entrapment or blowouts are often avoidable with the proper tools. The Digital Tire Gauge with Tools can help you escape such emergencies in just 3 steps: Pop, Cut, and Break! Pop an inflated airbag with its built-in tools and Cut your seatbelt with the seatbelt cutter to regain mobility, then Break a window with the glass hammer to escape. The Digital Tire Gauge with Tools is your 1-2-3 Auto Emergency Tool and is a must have for every glove compartment!

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe and keep an AutoEscape in your car.

Key Features

  • Pop, Cut, and Break with built-in tools, seat belt cutter, and glass hammer
  • Glass hammer material: Steel-alloy with 60 degree hardness
  • LED flashlight and red LED emergency light to guide you in the darkness and to get noticed
  • Digital tire gauge with blue backlight display and aluminum nozzle head measures tire pressure for balanced tire pressure for fuel efficiency, prolonged usage, and safety
  • Built-in collapsible tools, made of Stainless Steel #420, to help with small repairs: Scissors, Screwdrivers (Phillips and Flathead), and Pliers
  • Tire pressure measuring mode: PSI, BAR, KPA
  • Measuring range: 5 to 150 PSI
  • Accuracy: +/- 1.5 PSI


  • Dimensions: 2.6*6.75*0.9(inches) / 6.6*17.15*2.29 (cm)
  • Battery: 1 x LR1130


Why do I need such a device for my car? The AA-48 is the all-in-one tool that helps keep you safe on the road. The digital tire gauge makes checking tire pressure very simple. It also has built in emergency tools such as a glass-breaker and seat belt cutter to help you escape your vehicle in case of an emergency. Even more, it comes with handy tools to help with small repairs that might be necessary and a LED flashlight and emergency light.
All of this is built into one great product, which you can pop into your glove compartment. You simply need to reach for this one device, instead of trying to find separate tools hidden in multiple places, which is especially important during emergency situations.
Furthermore, with the correct tire pressure, you operate your vehicle at optimal conditions, resulting in improved fuel efficiency.

How will this make me safer?
Not only in emergency situations, such as an accident or entrapment, do you have all the tools you need in one device to help you, but the AA-48 can also help prevent accidents from happening. With proper tire pressure, uneven tire treads can be prevented resulting in the avoidance of burst tires.

What is PSI?
PSI stands for Pounds per Square Inch, and is a unit of measurement commonly used in the US and the UK to measure the pressure of a gas or liquid within a container. A PSI reading with the AA-48 will display the amount of air pressure in your vehicles’ tires.

How do I know what the proper tire pressure is for my car?
Compare the measured PSI against the PSI found on the sticker inside the driver’s door of your vehicle or in the car’s owner’s manual. If the measured PSI is above this number, your tire pressure is too high and you should let air out until the numbers match. If the measured PSI is below this number, your tire pressure is too low and you should add air until the numbers match.

How often should I check my tire pressure?
According to, tire pressure should be checked at least once a month when the tires are cold. Cold tires means before you have driven your car, or at least 3 hours after you have driven.

What makes the AA-48 different from other comparable items on the market?
While there may be somewhat similar items on the market, Datexx’s AA-48 is the only patented product made with high quality material, such as stainless steel and steel alloy. Others may look a like, but are not built to the same standard as the AA-48. The AA-48 will work when you need it most, which is crucial in emergency situations.

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