Auto-Escape Handy Emergency Tool -Pop Cut Break



Auto-Escape Handy Emergency Tool -Pop Cut Break

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The one-stop, life-saving tool for your car that comes with a spring-loaded window striker, seat belt cutter, and airbag pin to help escape your vehicle in emergencies.

The handy tool can help you escape such emergencies in just 3 steps: Pop, Cut, and Break! Pop an inflated airbag with the airbag pin and Cut your seat belt with the seat belt cutter to regain mobility, then Break a window with the spring-loaded window striker to escape. Fatalities and injuries caused by vehicle entrapment are often avoidable with the proper tools. This Handy Keychain is your 1-2-3 Auto Emergency Tool and is a must have!

How Do You Use The Airbag Pin? (POP)
Push the pin forward with lever and puncture the airbag.

How Do I Cut The Seat Belt? (CUT)
Slide the seatbelt cutting razor across the seatbelt strap.

How Does The Glass Striker Work? (BREAK)
Just push the striker end (grey tip) firmly against the window and the spring releases the metal pin striker automatically. The window will completey shatter!


Key Features

  • Pop, Cut, and Break with airbag pin, seat belt cutter, and spring-loaded window striker
  • Window striker spike material: Steel-alloy with 60 degree hardness
  • Airbag pin material: metal
  • Built-in toolkit, made of Stainless Steel #420: Bottle Opener, Tire Tread Depth Gauge, and Keychain
  • Static eliminator


  • Dimensions: 1.42x3.23x0.73(inches) / 3.60x8.20x1.85 (cm)
  • Battery: 1 x LR1130

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