ExactTime - Digital Atomic Alarm Clock and Calendar

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Time is precious. We already have enough to worry about everyday without the added doubts around the accuracy of our clocks. Are my clocks slow? Did I already adjust them for the seasonal time changes? Did I adjust all of the clocks around the house? Am I going to be late for my appointment?

Forget these nagging thoughts and get on with your life with Datexx’s ExactTime. The ExactTime is a stylish radio-controlled alarm-clock with back-light display that needs no programming. It automatically synchronizes with the nearest time standard and always provides you with the correct time. The ExactTime also comes with additional functionalities such as a full calendar, indoor temperature display, and moonphase indicator to help you throughout your day.

Focus on what matters and stop worrying about the accuracy of your clocks. Keep one in every room and always know you have the ExactTime!