Sentina 24: Mobile Charger and Multi-Purpose LED/Emergency Lighting System



Sentina 24: Mobile Charger and Multi-Purpose LED/Emergency Lighting System

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LED-95 is the new powerful combination of Sentina, the best selling intelligent safety light and PowerNow, the most reliable mobile charger.

This powerful combination is the most dependable multi-purpose LED light and emergency tool available today. Simply plug it into the outlet and its ultra bright natural light activates when it senses motion in darkness and shuts off automatically when nobody is around to save energy. It also has a nightlight mode, providing continuous light whilst dark. During power outages, the device will switch-on on its own, and when disconnected from the socket will also perform as an emergency flashlight for up to 24 continuous hours using its built-in 2,200 mAH battery.

The built-in battery also functions as a 1 amp USB back-up mobile charger to provide battery life to smartphones during emergencies, and with the innovative SmartJack technology used in all of Datexx’s PowerNow mobile charger line, retains charged power for a year, even when left unused.

Make your home smarter with our energy efficient multi-use LED light and emergency tool. The Sentina 24 is perfect for everyday use and is a must have for emergencies. You will want one in every room of your house!

Key Features

  • Motion and darkness sensing 8-LED ultra bright warm color light
  • Eye pleasing gradual fade-in lighting
  • Nightlight mode for continuous light when dark
  • Built-in 2,200 mAH battery to provide light even when unplugged from socket
  • Plug in to an outlet to recharge the backup battery while it serves as a motion sensing light
  • Perfect as a power outage emergency light, providing light for 24 consecutive hours when unplugged
  • 1 amp charger provides backup power to charge your smartphone in emergencies
  • Great for use at home, in the office, or on the road
  • Energy efficient


  • Dimensions: 5.25x1.75x1.88(inches) / 13.33x4.45x4.76 (cm)