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With Quick Receipt Printing, provide your customers with a quick receipt. After tallying up all items, the built-in software provides a detailed breakdown automatically, printing the sub-total, tax-rate, tax amount, and grand total along with a date and time stamp. Use the one-of-a kind date and time stamp feature to easily sort your receipts - ideal to minimize clutter and lost receipts, and to help organize yourself for tax time. 

How much should I sell an item for? What’s a reasonable cost? What’s the formula to calculate profit again?

The Quick Profit Analyzer helps answer these questions with three simple keys. Just enter any two of the three COST, SELL, or PROFIT variables, and the Quick Profit Analyzer automatically provides you with the correct value of the 3rd variable, providing you with the answer you need. Make informed business decisions without fretting over formulas.

BILLING HOURS CALCULATOR - Great for hours worked

Do you remember how much time you spent working today for client A? How about client B?

Instead of trying to remember and record your hours at the end of the day, use the Quick Service Billing Tracker to keep track while you work. Just press ‘Start’ when you begin work on a client and‘End’ when you take a break. When you’re done with the client, hit ‘Quick’ and the built-in software calculates and prints total hours worked, which you can save with your client files for billing. No more cumbersome time calculations!



    Key Features

    • Extra-large 12-digit LC display
    • Print speed of 2.4 lines/second
    • Epson 32 two-color ink roller printer
    • Profit margin calculation (cost/sell/margin)
    • Easy tax calculation
    • Decimal position: 0,2,3,4,A,F (round up/down)
    • Date and time
    • 3-Key memory
    • Print/No Print options
    • AC/DC power (AC adapter included)
    • Replacement ink roller (Porelon PR42-2, IR-42T) and paper rolls (plain paper 2-1/4") can be ordered from your local office superstore.


    • Dimensions:8.8*6.1*2.6 (inches) / 22.3*15.5*6.5 (cm)
    • Battery: 4 x AAA 0

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