8-Digit Financial Calculator- Card Balance Tracker

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Easily keep track of the balance on your debit/check card-Track and Review up to 100 charges, withdrawals and deposits Solves the vexing problem of not knowing your debit card balance Large, easy-to-read color coded keys & regular calculator functions Enjoy shopping without worrying about the balance in your account since the VuCard will automatically keep track of it. Every time you use your card, simply enter amount charged and then press 'PAY'. You can then check your balance by just pressing the 'BAL' key.

Key Features

  • ATM Balance Tracker
  • No More Overdrawing Bank Fees
  • Records Recent 100 Entries - Deposits Or Withdraws
  • Always In Control of Your ATM Account Balance
  • Keep Your Bank Honest Tool


  • Dimensions: 2.13*3.35*0.28 (1 oz)(inches) / 5.4*8.5*0.7 (cm)
  • Battery: 1 x LR1130