EZ Financial Calculator- Savings, Mortgages, Profit, Tax, & Currency Calculations

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Finally! A Financial Planning Calculator that does not require a degree in Finance to operate. The DH-170 comes with step by step instructions making it easy to calculate auto loans, mortgages, profits, taxes, savings plans, and a host of other daily financial data. The calculator is simply and cleared layed out with easy to understand labels. Comes in a hard cover slip-in storage case.

Key Features

  • Financial planner made simple- 6 steps to get answers - Financing is simple when you have this EZ Tool
  • EZ calculation of loan financing
  • Installment savings calculation
  • Currency exchange
  • Tax +, Tax- calculation
  • Flip-down stand and hard cover slip-in storage case
  • Simplied software- no learning time needed
  • Savings, Mortages, Tax, Currency Calculation and Conversion
  • Gross profit calculation based on buying and selling prices - Cost, sell, margin analysis


  • Dimensions: 6*3.25*0.5(inches) / 15.3*8.3*1.27 (cm)
  • Battery: 1 x LR1130


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