2-Line TrackBack Desktop Calculator

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When you're calculating, do you sometimes wonder: What did I just enter? Was it correct? How can I make sure it was accurate? Do I really have to start over to double check?

Datexx has revolutionized the way you calculate with our innovative 2-Line TrackBack Calculators by remembering your entries for you, eliminating any ambiguities and worries. It's simple! Just keep going with your calculations and take advantage of its verification and correction functionalities, without having to start any calculations over. The 2-line LCD display clearly shows exactly what you entered on the top line, and provides the results on the bottom line, so you can be sure of your numbers. TrackBack up to 79 entries as you would in a journal.

Reviewing calculations is just one touch away. The TrackBack helps you save precious time by eliminating re-dos, taking the frustration out of calculations!


Key Features

  • 2 -line LCD display
  • Trackback up to 79 entries to help verification of calculations
  • Make corrections to your current calculation


  • Dimensions: 4.13x6.10x0.87(inches) / 10.50x15.50x2.20 (cm)
  • Battery: 1 x LR1130

Simple Fix, If Calculator is Rounding Up

    The calculator must be completely reset back to factory settings. In order to do this, the battery should be removed and the solar panel covered (or do so in a dark room). This should be done for a few minutes to ensure there is no remaining power left in the calculator, then the batteries should be placed back.

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