TimeCube® Plus 5-10-20-45 Minute Preset Timer- Yellow



TimeCube® Plus 5-10-20-45 Minute Preset Timer- Yellow

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What is the TimeCube® Plus?
The look and functionality of the ever-popular TimeCube® has been upgraded, but is still the simplest time management tool available. Instead of fumbling around with buttons or dials, or getting distracted by your smart phone when setting its timer, all you have to do is flip the cube and get things done.

It’s versatile.
Everybody loves the TimeCube® Plus. From parents motivating their children and themselves to tackle chores and homework, to teachers enriching their classroom lesson plans, to executives time-blocking their day and making their meetings more efficient, to exercise junkies with rigid training regiments, or even chefs precisely timing their complex recipes. The list just keeps on going and the possibilities are endless!

It’s so easy to use, it’s a no-brainer!
• Turn the cube to begin countdown
• The cube beeps when time is up
• Turn the cube upright to stop

What are the new features of the TimeCube® Plus?
• The countdown window is now bigger and the LCD rotates with the direction of the cube
• Pause and continue your countdown
• Choose a high, low, or silent alarm tone, in addition to a 4-LED light alarm

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