Solar powered 455-Function, 2 Line, Fraction, Equation Scientific Calculator

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Datexx DS-834

Full Comparison to TI-34/36

DS-834 Key Features

* Total 20 Scientific Constants and 170 Metric Conversions

* Statistical and Regression (Capability of Production CP,CPK and Normal Distribution)

* Variable Linear and Quadratic Equation solving
* Logical Calculations (Calculates/Converts in DEC, HEX, OCT, BIN)
* Polar/Rectangular coordinate transformation
* Fraction and Complex number calculations
* Up to 24 Calculating Digits
* 455 Functions (429 functions excluding memory)
* Max. 21 Pending Values
* Max. 30 Pending Operations
* 8 steps Store/Recall

This unit is ideal for Mathematic Calculations, Trigonometry, Statistics, Science,
Computer math, and Algebraic 1&2 functions.

  • Easy to read clear function keys combined with the assistance of a step-by-step
    instruction manual to make learning scientific calculations almost painless!
  • In addition to the convenience of a two line display, the unit features a
    conventional battery power source backed up by a build-in ''fail-safe''
    solar panel. No lost data!

Key Features

  • 148 Bytes program, 13 Parenthese level, 30 Max. number of pending operation, Integration, Deferentiation
  • 20 Scientific Constant,170 metric conversion,Formula, ENG SYM,Recover
  • Compare to TI-34 & TI-36


  • Dimensions: 3*6*0.5(inches) / 7.62*15.24*1.27 (cm)
  • Battery: 1 x LR1130