Guaranteed PowerNow Buddy -2400mAh Power Bank with Flashlight (Green)

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This lightweight 3 oz Power Tool can safely charge your smartphone and still have enough to power its built-in 1W torch. Our patented SmartJack stores power for one year after charge so you always have power when you need it. 

While charged power seeps out of other rechargeable batteries soon after non-use, the Buddy is designed with Datexx’s patented SmartJack technology that stops battery drainage and holds its charge for up to one year, even without usage, ensuring you always have backup power. Datexx’s innovative SmartJack technology is also designed to prevent damage to your device by avoiding battery overload, overcharge, and overheating, making it the most reliable power bank on the market.

The Buddy also has a built-in LED flashlight of 160 lumens and an emergency beacon to help in emergency situations.

Stop worrying about your smartphone battery. Keep yourself, your family, and your business going non-stop with the Buddy in your bag or in your car. You’ll be thankful that you did!


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