2-Line TrackBack Business Slim Desktop Calculator

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What do you dislike most about calculators?

Have you ever wondered “what did I just do?” in the middle of a calculation, then start your number crunching again just to be safe? Since standard calculators cannot show what you entered, you have no way to verify your numbers or make any corrections – you can only start from scratch. It’s frustrating, isn’t it?

The solution? TrackBack!

The TrackBack calculator with 2-line alphanumeric display keeps track of what you entered and lets you review up to 1,000 entries to verify your numbers as well as correct current and past entries so you can continue with your calculation, instead of having to start over. Finally, a calculator you’ll love!

And more…

The TrackBack calculator has additional built-in functionality to make decision making simpler. Profit analyzer is an interactive interface that automatically figures out COST, SELL, or PROFIT with just 3 keys. The alphanumeric display clearly labels each entry as well as outcome with text, so there’s no longer any uncertainty or need for recalculations. 

Key Features

  • 2 -line Alpha Numerical LCD display which shows past entries
  • Trackback up to 1,000 entries to help verification and make corrections
  • Determine Profit, Sales, and Cost clearly and easily with the dedicated functionality
  • Quickly take taxes into consideration with the tax inclusion key


  • Dimensions: 4.53x6.25x1(inches) / 11.50x15.50x2.50 (cm)
  • Battery: 1 x LR1130



What makes the 2 Line TrackBack Calculator different from other desktop or business calculators?

Datexx designed the 2 Line Track Back Calculator with efficiency in mind. The proprietary software lets users review and verify up to 1,000 historical calculations, and make edits when needed in order to avoid the ever frustrating calculation re-do. It happens to all of us. You’re in the middle of calculating a long set of numbers when you get interrupted by a phone call. You then forget where you left off, or you question whether you entered the your numbers correctly. With the TrackBack, you never have to worry, as you can review exactly what you entered, make corrections, and have peace of mind.  

An added bonus of the software is that you no longer have to take order of operations into account to ensure the correct result. Simply enter your calculation as you see it, and the software will automatically apply order of operation rules.

The 2 line alphanumerical LCD display further augments this efficiency by clearly labeling your calculation steps. For example, you can see that you hit the correct operation key, or when performing buy/sell analysis, there’s no longer a need to guess to what an entry relates as the 2 line alphanumerical display will clearly label your entry or outcome with text, such as ‘COST’, ‘SELL’, or ‘MARGIN’.

How does the 2 Line TrackBack Calculator compare to the TI-BA20?

While the ever-popular TI BA-20 Profit Manager also has the functionality of quickly performing buy/sell analysis, the 2 Line TrackBack Calculator is a superior upgrade because the innovative alphanumerical display lets you know exactly what you entered for cost, sell price, or profit, with clear text labels for each entry or outcome.

How do I use the buy/sell analysis functionality?

Do you sometimes second-guess yourself when trying to calculate profit? Should I divide by cost or sell price? With the 2 Line TrackBack Calculator, you can focus on making the right decisions quickly instead of trying to remember the formula to perform buy/sell analysis.

With 3 simple keys, you can determine the appropriate cost, sell price, or profit for your analysis. For example, to calculate profit, simply enter the cost and sell price. Once both values are entered, the alphanumerical display will automatically display the profit margin value with text label. The same is true if you know cost and desired profit, and want to determine the appropriate sale price, or you know sale price and desired profit, but need to determine the appropriate cost. Just enter the 2 known variables and the calculator will automatically calculate and label the required output.  It’s that easy!

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