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Create products that help our customers work smarter, not harder.


A Message from the CEO

Our TimeCube® Story


Cooking has always been my passion. I love trying out new recipes, but unlike with my own or my mother’s recipes where I can tell if something is ready just by smell or sight, I have to time my recipe trials. I started using my cell phone timer, which worked fine until I broke it after dropping it a number of times while setting it with my wet hands. I then moved onto a digital timer, which I found to be too bulky and difficult to operate the tiny little buttons while Focusing on my mission in the kitchen. It was just too cumbersome with food all over my hands.

One day in the office, I had remembered that our R&D team had created a sample time device with no buttons and no dials. I realized at that moment that that was it - that’s when the TimeCube® was born. It’s like a digital hourglass. Just pick the time you need and turn it. That’s it! And it was exactly what I was looking for.

The TimeCube® became a hit and has been used across the world not just for cooking, but also for exercising, homework, daily chores, and even power naps (another one of my favourite uses). It’s been great for office use, as well, helping to moderate meetings and helping users timeblock and focus on their work.

We are extremely proud of the TimeCube® and how it has helped simplify so many peoples’ lives with its unlimited application.



Making Everyday Life Simpler


In a similar vein, we have revamped the tired, old calculator and nightlight. We wanted to redesign a boring, everyday item and give it a bit more life.

With the TrackBack calculator, we upgraded the standard functionality and look of the calculator with features to simplify calculations, such as the ability to review and edit calculations without having to start over after a distraction or mistake, or the ability to quickly perform profit analysis without having to remember the dang formula.



With our Sentina smartlights, the nightlight is no longer on at all times, but can be controlled by you! With our motion and light sensors, our smartlights shine bright only when you need them and during power outages, guiding you around your home or office safely.

We’ve received a lot of great feedback about how useful and helpful our products have been in numerous situations, and that is our greatest reward.





Thank you

I would like to thank all of our customers who believe in us, support us, and give us feedback. We are proud of what we do and we’d love to hear from you - How you use our products, what would be useful to you, or how we could be better.


Who we are

Datexx by Teledex is a proud family-owned company founded in 1990 in New Jersey, USA. We are an innovative consumer electronics company that has been developing and marketing attractive, high-quality products worldwide for over two decades and with over 20 million satisfied customers.