SENTINA - 4-In-One Smart Rechargeable Home Emergency LED Light - set of 2



SENTINA - 4-In-One Smart Rechargeable Home Emergency LED Light - set of 2

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With motion, darkness, and power outage sensors, the Sentina is the ultimate multi-use emergency LED lighting device. Simply plug the device into a wall socket and the Sentina provides you light when you need it most. The light activates when approached in darkness and automatically shuts off when motion is no longer detected. It also has a nightlight mode, providing continuous light whilst dark. During power outages, the device will switch-on on its own, and when disconnected from the socket will also perform as an emergency flashlight for up to eight continuous hours using its built-in 600 mAH battery. The Sentina does all this for just pennies per day, saving you energy and money every day.

Make your home smarter with our energy efficient multi-use LED light. The Sentina is perfect for everyday use and is a must have for emergencies.  You will want one in every room of your house!

The Sentina is #1 in customer satisfaction with many repeat purchases. See for yourself with the below customer review:

Best Emergency Light/Night Light Combo
I have nightlights throughout my home because I always like to see where I’m going. After dealing with hurricane season, I replaced most of them with emergency nightlights so when the power goes out, I’ll have light in every room as well as a flashlight I can easily find. The Sentina is the best one of all. What I really love is that I can put it in a place where I typically would need light when walking into the room, without having to turn on a regular light. It’s a much brighter light than a normal nightlight when the sensor goes on. Then as soon as you aren’t within distance it goes to normal nightlight mode. When you need a flashlight, just unplug it. I did a lot of research before purchasing this and would highly recommend it to anyone.

Key Features

  • Twin pack of SENTINA safety/emergency multi-purpose rechargeable LED light
  • Motion activated LED light that turns on when approached while dark and shuts off when out of range. No more fumbling for light switches!
  • Nightlight mode for continuous light when dark
  • LED light turns on automatically during power outages and will stay on for 8 consecutive hours
  • Built-in 600 mAH battery to provide light even when unplugged from socket
  • Great for homes with seniors and children
  • Energy efficient


  • Dimensions: null(inches) / null (cm)
  • Battery: 1 x LR1130


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