Zen Light Motion Sensor Light



Zen Light Motion Sensor Light

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Datexx's Zen light is a unique blend of motion and photo sensing LED light with a touch of Japanese Shoji paper to make the light easy on your eyes while warmly illuminating your room and saving energy. Make each room a place for meditation. No need to switch on the room light - the Zen light will say hello to you automatically.

Key Features

  • Motion and photo sensing Smart LED Light
  • Energy saving light costing only a penny a day
  • 16 built-in ''cool'' LED bulbs
  • Turns off automatically in selected 1, 5, or 10 minute increments
  • Warmly illuminates your room with style
  • Hands free safety light to protect your home
  • No more scrambling for light switches in the dark
  • Great for all rooms in the house


  • Dimensions: 4.3*5.1*2.7 (0.6 lbs)(inches) / 10.92*12.95*6.86 (cm)
  • Battery: 1 x LR1130

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